Lucian Aeli Apollo Zalmoxe
11/24/2017 5:59 am EST
11/24/2017 10:59 am GMT


Atlantia is a civilization composed of 13 quintillions intelligent beings and led by the quantic elementals from 4+1 d continuum and above

Aproximately 1.1 quadrillions are candidates for ascension and 937 billions have already ascended

The ascension process involves high suffering,both mental and physical
you feel that your eyes are burning,your bones are cracking and your muscles are melting
finally in 2 seconds your body is transformed completely into positronic radiation,whom you retain,but only a small fraction of it and you ascend

currently my white structures of positrons are being transformed into emerald blue structures because I have moved from Diamond to Emerald levels,from 2000 to 3000d ,with aproximation,in the test of Agartha

the species of Atlantia are
1.the light electric elementals from 4+1d to 146d
2.the albigensis-white humans with white hair
3.the Athsarms-blonde and red hair humans
4.the Atlanteans-white men and women with dark hair
5.the Drakona-dragons
6.the Ants civ
7.the Silver female civ
8.the Sincretic male civ
9.the Primitive civ of brave men
10.Universal Lemuria-red brown humans
11.Omniversal Urantia-crystals
12.Multiversal Akasha-trees
13.Annunaki-little dark humans unable to reproduce themselves only by cloning
14.the Earth collection of races and species-212 in number-our planet is the center of the universe due to its high population
15.Agartha wine civ
16.Shamballa beer civ
17.Arcturus Horses civ
18.Multiversal Tiger civ
19.Hybrids civs
20.Undead civs
21.Immortal civs
24.Orion dragon civ with 2 wings and 2 legs
26.the Suprehumans from Crypton civ

Atlantia is led by a great council of 200 members now who acts as a government and all species and races are represented there
The Senate of Atlantia makes the laws and there are 3000 members there
the great assembly is made of mayors and there are 500000 members there and they talk using the Virtual Democracy system based on internet forums

the current tech level of Atlantia is the Genetic Age and the Diamond Age
the current spiritual level of Atlantia is 3 times Crystal and Emerald once
There are 6 colonies of Atlantia in the current local galaxy called milky way or the Alpha 3 M4 spiral galaxy

Atlanteans fleets measure in quadrillion of ships but htye fight pooryl
I Apollo integrated the dragons civ to help un in this regard

I Apollo sacrificed the great Council of Atlantia in the war tiwht the Annunaki and the home planet to save our civilization
Atlantia is now a Universal conscious civ,it was an ethical galactic civ 2 years ago
I stayed in the test of Agartha to help them in this regard
because I killed the Great Council while being praetor of Atlantia they convicted me to slow death and are talking to me in my head every night
they are Djins basically

non-corporeal ghost like beings able to go in time and space
able to modify the past and present and future
I am Apollo Lucian Ilea from the Aeli family president of Atlantia for one year until 21/12/2017

I am 42 years of age I was born in Turda on 9th of august 1976
I am a dovahkin a child of two worlds

Ego is Lucian ot Aeli
Ego indeo Atlantia Flota
Atlantia vivere vincere victor




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