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The Andreasson Affair: Phase Two

The Andreasson Affair: Phase Two

by Raymond E. Fowler

Publisher: Prentice Hall
Year: 1982


In many ways this second book about the Andreasson case is more interesting than the first published in 1979, with its focus on one single extended abduction event from 1967. Here in AA2 Fowler and the MUFON team, including psychologist/hypnotherapist Fred Max, explore the lifelong abduction experiences of both Betty and her second husband Bob and open out the discussion to what this phenomenon might be. Betty's determination to understand her experiences through the prism of her own Christian-religious faith sets this case apart from many others and makes it problematic for some researchers; but Fowler, a Christian convert himself, nevertheless remains open-minded and keeps admirably to the scientific method despite the high strangeness of the data.



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